OUR Certified Engineers HAVE BEEN well seasoned in regards to all international policies and procedures.

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Once we have full approval and compliance, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

  • EPC
  • Distribution
  • Power Production
  • Financing

Bremara Power Inc. monitors key performance Indicators at 1-week Intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

Environment Goals

Bremara Power Inc is always looking for different environmental strategies to lower greenhouse gases,and carbon footprints. We are always interested in new opportunities around the world

Energy Utility Programs

Bremara Power Inc is in the process of multiple utility programs available in the market currently, while ranging from 10kw to 100mw. We are currently moving into new territory and providing greener grids of all applications. 

Products and Equipment

Bremara Power Inc has an extensive line of products and equipment ranging from small applications to leading edge components. Bremara is continually eveloving with all new technology so we can be levels ahead of all competitors.

Our professional staff includes:

- Certified Electrical Utility Engineers 

- Business Development Specialists

- Aboriginal Relations

- Operational Specialists

- Financial Specialists

While relying on our core staff, Bremara Power Inc has an extensive selection of approved 3rd party corporations with tried and tested results 

Bremara Power Inc. uses in house and proven engineers to structure all projects and comply with all mandatory requirements.

We identify technology, training, and processes to take each project to the next level. 

SEASONED PROfessionals