Bremara Financial Inc. will provide assistance through our experienced Brokers and Agents

Bremara Financial has numerous funding strategies to provide no limit capital for international  projects.

​We are also looking for strategic investors for upcoming projects worldwide for guarantee return on investments.

Certified EPC Contractor

Authorized Distributor

Bremara Power Inc. will own and operate facilities internationally 

Bremara Power Inc will build relationships with aboriginal off grid areas to provide clean and affordable energy programs

Bremara Power is always looking for strategic relationships throughout the power industry 

Key team of Electricians, Project Managers, designers and engineers 

Certified to build all Power Generation Facilities

Certified and knowledgable in all areas of Electrical including renewable energy projects

International reach with specialized contractors

Financial Services 

Authorized Distributor of Renewable Technologies

Technologies included:

Waste To Energy

Base Load Power Generation

Independent Power Producer